Which PUMP! Underwear Should You Wear For Certain Occasions?

Which PUMP! Underwear Should You Wear For Certain Occasions?

Nothing screams sexy than a well thought-out, appropriate for the occasion underwear. Well, you may think no one else knows what is beneath your pants, but oh boy are you wrong. What you wear inside your outer clothes reflects on your confidence and the style of walking and a keen interested eye will know when the precious goods are all held nice and comfortably firm in there. Having good underwear is a strong indication that man knows what he wants. It lets the other person know that this man cares about what people think of him and goes for what he wants.

Any modern metrosexual man who knows his strength and value will never be caught dead in anything else but the best designs that there can ever be. Men’s underwear from PUMP! are unrivalled in terms of quality, design and comfort. So what makes this Canadian brand PUMP! so good for the everyday man? Well, what you should really be asking is which PUMP! underwear should you wear on for a certain occasion? Read on for the answer as we unravel what you British guys should wear for certain occasions whether it is at the gym, on a date, for sex or even just to go to work. 

At the gym

While at the gym, you need to be comfortable and confident as you work those muscles. This is no place for constricting garments that could cut blood supply to your balls or hinder your leg exercises. That is why PUMP! Fratboy Jock Strap( Navy) is the right underwear to put on for the gym. This sexy jockstrap has been a reserve for athletes, but not anymore. There is a reason why it has been famous with athletes. The supportive contour pouch is one reason. Secondly, the wide straps are super comfortable so you can do all your gym activities in one piece. Further, the navy color is absolutely masculine and the blend of yellow color gives it the right amount of flair.

Dinner date

Whether it is a first dinner date from that cute guy you met on a dating app or it is your 5th date with a man who has been warming your heart for a couple of weeks, you need to go prepared- underwear-wise. That is why Pump! Lux Black Sports Mesh Brief (Black) is perfect. The intricate patterns speaks of a man who will not wear just anything or choose just any one for a partner. We all know things could end up in your house and this underwear that speaks cool and polished will not let you down. This pair, whilst it looks very appropriate, has a hint of naughtiness with the mesh lining. I mean, you never know how the dinner date is going to go. If it brings you to the bed room, I'm sure you want to look and feel sexy.

For the occasional hook up

Aha! This has got to be the favorite. You know what is going to go down so please do yourself (and your guy) a favor and wear something that will make things hot and steamy instantly. Let the colors pop and throw boring out of the window with this Pump! Spring Break Sports Jock Strap (Blue). Besides the popping colors, the elastic in the back gives will give your nether regions a lift for a damn sexy look. And let us not forget, why the jock strap has become a gay man's staple for underwear. With the back opening, you boys don't even need to worry about taking it off. There are so many ways you can play with a guy with a jock strap on. You can either just go all the way without having to take it off, or even use the straps to add a little kink into the game. Whatever the case is, you can never go wrong with a jockstrap. 



For work

When we are all done playing, it is time to enter the boardrooms with that masculine energy that says we mean business. That will require that you put aside the jockstraps (for now) and say hello to Pump! Drop-Kick Jogger Mesh Boxer (White/Black). This underwear is practical and gives maximum support. The vivid white and black palette is a show of class and that will totally resonate with your personality. These boxers will not only prevent the underwear from riding up when you sit down at the office for hours, but it will also keep you warm during those miserable cold winters in the UK. 


So let's face it. PUMP! underwear has it pretty good. There's always something for everyone no matter the occasion. And the best part? Well, you'll always feel sexy. With PUMP!'s cotton/mesh combination material, there's no way you won't feel comfortable. In fact, we know you'll love it, because here at The Jock Shop, we know we do. 

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