What kind of material do you like your underwear to be made of?

What kind of material do you like your underwear to be made of?

When it comes to the manufacture of men's underwear, we often think of cotton, nevertheless, underwear nowadays does not just consist of 100% cotton. In this article, we will dig deeper into the understanding of other materials very often utilized in the creation of underwear for men.


Cotton is often regarded as the best material for the skin: it is a hypoallergenic fiber. Individuals with sensitive skin favor this material and it is because of this that babies, like kids, carry a lot of cottons. It avoids irritation and allergies.

-it is a simple, pleasant material that suits all silhouettes. The softness and sturdiness of the material enable the underwear to wrap around your body nicely without it feeling too tight. However, beware that cotton does tend to shrink during the first wash if you place it in a washing machine.

-cotton is a very breathable and absorbent material, giving it a 5/5 rating in terms of comfort level. Cotton plant fiber can absorb up to 8.5% of its weight in water, imagine how much sweat it can absorb when you work that body out. A lot of people have this misconception that cotton doesn’t help with sweat, but it is actually the opposite. If you sweat a lot down there, cotton is, in fact, one of the better materials to counter that due it’s natural ability to absorb the sweat and keep you dry longer.



It's part of synthetic fibers with the purpose of replicating silk. It's a white and glistening look with the ability to make it matte. It consists of cellulose. The material has the benefits of not pilling, to be resistant and to bring a shine effect.

Underwear made from viscose has a silky, lustrous appearance. It's a substance that provides a flowing appearance and a flawless match to the men's underwear, also ensuring optimal relaxation. One of the most significant advantages of viscose underwear is that it absorbs moisture faster than underwear made out of cotton.


It is rare to find male underwear made from pure cotton, because comfort is a fiber that is commonly mixed during the production of underwear for men. A majority of men’s underwear is manufactured using a mixture of polyester and cotton or polyester and wool lending the garment a more premium, and luxurious feel. However, this does tend to make the underwear cost higher, but it is worth it because you are not only getting the best of both worlds, but you are getting a pair of underwear that is highly resistant to all sorts of friction that may be caused by machine washes, causing the underwear to stretch and lose its hold. In addition, the polyester enables men’s underwear to be elastic and wrinkle-free, not that we know many men who iron their underwear anyway.


Polyamides are an interesting category for men’s underwear because they aren’t exactly organic like cotton, but rather they are from synthetic materials. The best-known polyamide in the manufacture of men's underwear is nylon, a supple and elastic cloth, silky and soft, that has the benefit of becoming impervious. Men's underwear is designed with this particularity to withstand the various and varied friction which could be exposed to our clothes. You will notice that with polyamides such as nylon that the material is extremely soft and smooth. Run your junk against that and we can promise you you’ll definitely be pretty pleased down there.

Tip: Avoid placing your polyamide underwear in the dryer as it's a heat sensitive material!


Underwear made from microfibers is of utmost comfort.

Microfibers are utilized in the manufacture of men’s underwear designed for the athletic because they have the benefit of allowing perspiration to evaporate during physical activities. Many of us would agree that nothing is more unpleasant than to feel moisture down there. Microfiber fabrics breathe considerably more freely than traditional fabric, which means that the skin is naturally maintained. Additionally, the men's underwear made of microfibers are very heat-resistant and can, therefore, be dried using the dryer, unlike the other materials which would be prone to shrinkage.


Bamboo is a newer material that has not seen much usage yet for the production of men’s underwear, but it is definitely catching the eyes of some of the bigger brands like Andrew Christian. Bamboo attracts an amazing sweetness to men's underwear and strengthens them. Bamboo is ideal for second skin underwear. It gives you a natural and soft feel, almost makes it seem like you aren’t wearing anything at all. However, the downside is that underwear made from bamboo is costly, and if you want the epitome of comfort, be prepared to pay more for it.


Spandex is famous in the Anglo-Saxon countries as spandex and is also known as lycra or elastane in Europe, a signature created by DuPont de Nemours.

The artificial copolymers used to create spandex are strong and elastic like rubber, but stronger and more flexible. The fabric is usually thin, but elastic or long-lasting. At high temperatures, spandex will melt like plastic. Spandex may also be combined with different materials to make various consistencies and textures. You’ll notice that almost all waistbands in your underwear are made using spandex because of its ability to expand and retain its shape.


Lycra Underwear has the particularity to be very elastic but does not deform and go back to their original forms after stretching. Imagine that, underwear that can’t lose its shape! It's also a substance that doesn't crease and has a slick touch. Lycra underwear is very trendy amongst the men’s underwear brands – every single brand uses this material for their designs.

Elastane is a synthetic fiber. Elastane yarn, that appears at the vast majority of men’s underwear(in greater or lesser quantity) acts as a true spring since it is able to resume its original shape without deformation after being stretched up to seven times its length. It boosts the maintenance of these tissues, increases the immunity of the mixtures, makes their maintenance very simple, accelerates their drying, and brings into the new substances of their tone and the comfort. Together with silk or cotton, it retains the qualities of the majority fiber. The greater the percentage of spandex, the stronger the undergarment.

So what should I wear?

There is no real answer as to what is the best material for you, however, many do have preferences. Whether you like to wear organic materials like bamboo or cotton, or would you rather something really soft and stretchable like nylon and polyester, the choice is yours.



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