Upsize my package!

Upsize my package!

 We all look. OK, so we might be a *bit* embarrased to admit it, but we’re basically all checking each other out, at least subconsciously anyway. Most guys get a fleeting look, but occasionally there’s that one that stands out. You do a double take. Maybe it’s his nice hair, cute face, hot body or... bulge?

It doesn’t matter if you’re a guy or a girl, turns out you’re scientifically programmed to check these things out. So if everyone else is checking out your bulge, why not give it a boost and give them even MORE to look at! It isn’t exactly anything new; a carefully positioned animal horn, a monster medieval codpiece or a super tight pair of 80s rock star trousers. Guys, we’ve been drawing attention to our meat ’n’ two veg for literally thousands of years!

Clearly, a codpiece or an animal horn isn’t going to cut it these days, and stuffing a sock down there isn’t a realistic option either. Luckily for us, a couple of menswear brands have been getting creative and have come up with some clever underwear designed to enhance what you’ve got. We’ve tried and tested a bunch of them for you guys, and here are our favourites:  

Aussiebum’s Wonderjock Pro

If you’re after a nicely shaped bulge and prefer a timeless design, check out Aussiebum’s Wonderjock Pro range. They come in a range of classic colours and cuts (briefs, boxers, jocks). The secret of the Wonderjock Pro range is a cleverly designed pouch tucked away in the inside lining. You’d literally have no idea it was there from the outside, but the results are really impressive. Great lift and a nice but still natural looking shape, and it keeps it all really well supported so it’s really handy for the gym. Bonus!


Andrew Christian’s Show It

Andrew Christian’s Show It range has been a massive success, which is not surprising given its promise to boost your junk by as much as 1.5 inches! The secret to Show It technology is also a built-in pocket for your junk - really comfortable, totally discreet and super effective. It’s a great choice, and comes in a wide range of colours and styles.


Addicted's Pack up

Unlike the other two brands, Addicted's Pack up series works by providing you with a little cushion protector down there that not only smoothen's out the appearance, but it also makes the bulge look much bigger. There's no need to squeeze your package into a small pocket just to make them protrude out more or look bigger. With Addicted's removable pack up system, you can look big and feel comfortable at the same time. 

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