The rising trend of men's underwear

The rising trend of men's underwear

There’s a growing trend in the men’s underwear industry for blokes to opt for not just comfort, but style as well. Increasing awareness of personal hygiene, along with a rising disposable income has led to massive growth in the men’s underwear market.


Men are changing into fresh underwear more than once a day, and an increasing number of metrosexual men are buying underwear not just as an essential commodity, but also as a fashion statement. This is all happening on a level that has seen the men’s underwear industry grow to a double-digit multi-billion-dollar global business.

Affordable men’s underwear is now available with a list of features that rivals those of car makes and models. Breathable, moisture wicking, support pockets, anti-microbial, anti-odor, and even quick-draw flies make up part of the dialog used to describe the growing list of features for many brands, as is cool zones, and stealth waistbands.

Seemingly, a growing list of features equates to a not insignificant boost in spending. In the last three years alone, a pair of underwear in the U.S. has risen in price by a third. Interestingly, prices for men’s apparel have dropped by a similar amount.

According to Persistence Research, in 2015 the men’s underwear market was worth $8.4 billion. By 2020 it is expected to have grown to $11 billion.

Men’s underwear is going through a transformation, and the exploding range of options and features can only mean good things for men’s health, comfort, and confidence.



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