Brands for the BIG boys

Brands for the BIG boys

If you’re the kind of guy who does just fine in the meat and two veg area regarding serving size, you probably have trouble finding the comfort and support you need in the average department store men’s underwear section.


What you need is extra support over what the standard pair of briefs or boxers can provide, so here are three of the best brands catering to the needs of blokes packing more weight than average in the junk department.

Andrew Christian is a well-established and respected men’s underwear brand famous for comfort and style. To cater to the guys who are hitting well above welter-weight below the waist, they created their Show-It range.

Show-It technology provides an anatomically correct fit and a roomy pouch for a hang-free design that ensures all-day comfort and an enhanced profile. The fact that each pair is made from 94% rayon, an incredibly soft bamboo fiber, and 6% spandex for stretchy comfort also helps to ensure an ultra-smooth feel against the skin.

Addicted is another brand taking care of the big boys with their Pack-Up range. In each pair is a pouch with a removable cushion.

The pouch keeps everything in place and comfortable, while the removable cushion (and therefore optional) provides a little extra comfort and enhancement for those blokes who like to look their best, in or out of pants.

Unlike Andrew Christian, the Addicted brand uses a combination of cotton and spandex for extra breathability and comfort.

AussieBum is the pioneer of the built-in support pocket for men’s underwear, which debuted in their WonderJock range.

They have now made significant strides in designs offering even more comfort with their line of WonderJock Air men’s underpants. These are of a mesh design to create fully breathable, odor resistant underwear that also wicks moisture away from the body. 

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