Beware fakes

Beware fakes


Fakes are everywhere these days. Fake bags, fake shoes, fake cosmetics, fake medication. The list goes on, and fake underwear and swimwear is certainly no exception.

With greatly varying degrees of success, all fakes are designed to bear at least a passing resemblance to the products they imitate. The problem, however, is that they aren’t designed to perform in the same way. In the case of underwear and swimwear, it starts with poor-quality fabrics, which are then treated with a cocktail of dyes (often made from industrial strength chemicals) to produce a material that is then subject to a primitive manufacturing process. The result is a seriously substandard product. The manufacturers aren’t concerned about happy customers or repeat business.

Low-grade elastic doesn’t hold its shape for long - a few nights out with friends or sessions in the gym and you’ll end up with a stretched waistband, baggy swim shorts, a slack jock strap or a loose harness. Cheap dyes bleed - your bright red briefs will quickly become baby pink, as will everything else you wash them with. Poor quality fabrics can quickly become covered in little knots of thread (or ‘bobbles’) and inferior stitching soon rips along the seams, especially along the lower edge of the waistband on boxers and briefs. In the end it’s a false economy - fake underwear might be cheaper, but quickly spoils. Invariably no money is saved by buying fakes - in fact, it’s often more expensive in the long term..

Even more concerning than these issues with durability are the hidden toxins that can be found in fake underwear and swimwear. To preserve products in humid climates and to replicate the crisp texture and look of expensive materials, some unscrupulous manufacturers treat fake clothing with formaldehyde, a toxic gas better known for its embalming properties. Formaldehyde can cause allergies and skin irritation and is classified as a carcinogen. Another toxin found in fake clothing, particularly in underwear and sportswear with cheap plastic logos, are phthalates. Their presence makes plastics more malleable and stretchy, but has also been linked to reductions in sperm count! Scary stuff, particularly since your underwear is in direct contact with the most sensitive parts of your anatomy.

We don’t stock fakes at The Jock Shop. We buy all of our stock directly from a hand-picked selection of premium brands, each of which is committed to ensuring their products are always high-quality, durable and safe to wear. At The Jock Shop, we share our suppliers’ dedication to product quality and safety.

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