A look at the 5 hottest male calvin klein models to date

A look at the 5 hottest male calvin klein models to date

Calvin Klein is known for its lineup of some of the hottest men alive stripped down for a delicious view of their bodies. These advertisements manage to be edgie, controversial, and sexy all at the same time. 

Dozens of men have posed for calvin klein's iconic advertisements over the years, but some of them are simply better than the rest. Here are our 5 favorite models to date.

Trevante Rhode (2017)

The internet was overjoyed when Calvin Klein released the cast of Moonlight, including Trevante Rhode, as part of their latest ad campaign. The campaign itself shattered a glass ceiling, while at the same time creating an incredibly sexy series of black and white shots for Calvin Klein.

 Trevante Rhode is killing it with his six pack abs and exquisite physique, as well as his award winning performance in Moonlight.

Kellan Lutz (2010)

An american actor best known for his role as Edward Cullin in the infamous Twilight series. Lutz has come a long way from the long and pouty stares of the Cullins, and is now turning his perfectly sculpted figure to other pursuits—modeling underwear in this case.


Lutz is one of four men chosen to model a new line of underwear, and he pulls it off spectacularly. We all approve of this hunk du jour, if not his taste in acting roles.

Jamie Dornan (2009)

The 50 shades of grey actor is an underwear model that has us all turning heads, but in a recent interview he admitted he doesn't have a lot of body confidence. That may change if he keeps hearing back form his many, avid fans may help change his mind.

If there's anything we can all agree on, it's that Jamie Dornan has one hot body.

Antonio Sabàto Jr. (1996)

An italian-american model, Antonio Sabàto Jr. is used to people admiring his physique, and there is a lot to admire. Sabato is famous for both his work in soaps such as General Hospital, and has gained recent attention for his efforts in politics.


Whether you love him for his short time as a Chipendale dancer, or for his smarts, we can all agree that we'd like to see more of his underwear ads.

Oscar Emboaba (2014)

If you're more of a sports person, you may prefer the sleek and perfectly formed body of Oscar Emboaba, a popular football player. His boyish good looks have charmed fans of his playing skills, as well as his body.

He bares it all in a 2014 Calvin Klein ad that we all wildly approve of.

 No matter what your type is, Calvin Klein has probably featured your favorite style in one of their classic ad campaigns. Underwear is by far Calvin Klein's most popular good, and they seem to realize this with the number of sexy men they have for their iconic advertisements. We all have a favorite model, and these 5 smoking hot men are our top picks thus far.


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