5 theories as to why gay people are more successful

5 theories as to why gay people are more successful

In a recent survey conducted by the Vanderbilt economists, Christopher Carpenter and Samuel Eppink, gay men earn on average 10% more than their straight counterparts. This is a huge finding, considering the fact that until now research indicated gay men suffered a financial penalty for being gay, rather than a potential boost.

Gay people are more confident

It takes a confident person to know what they want when it goes against the social climate, and to step out boldly and say, 'this is me.' That confidence isn't just for gay sex lives. It can also lead to better decision making, and the ability to make carefully measured decisions.


Confident people do better overall in the workplace, regardless of what their sexual orientation is.

 Gay people think outside the box (literally)

Gay men are more open to new and novel ideas. Let's face it, if they weren't they'd probably still be trying to date women and wondering why nothing ever seemed to work out. Being able to think outside the box helps them to solve problems that might leave their straight counterparts stumped, making them more valuable employees.


Gays are more open minded

In order to accept your own sexual identity, you have to be open to it. Gays are already well practiced in keeping an open mind, and this may lead them to trying out for jobs they might not ordinarily go for. Being open minded to jobs makes it more likely they'll see pay increases, as you're far more likely to see in increase in wages from switching jobs rather than getting a raise at your original work place.


Gays know what they want

It's not just knowing what you want, but being willing to go after it. Gays are long used to pursuing their desires in the face of adversity. This ability to be assertive in their needs can also help them get better salaries, by knowing when they're being underpaid and speaking up for themselves.


They are empathetic leaders

The world hasn't exactly been kind to gay men in the past. Gay men know what it is like to be persecuted for their beliefs, or their physical makeup. They know what it is like to be skipped over in favor of someone else even when more qualified.

 This makes them far more understanding of what employees are going through, and they'll often work much harder to create an environment that is accessible and comfortable for all.


While no actual studies have been done on what makes gays more successful than straight men, these are our best guesses. For too long gay men have seen financial hardships rather than boons because of their sexual orientation, but now that the public mood is shifting it's not only okay to be openly gay, it might even give you a boost. The next time you go job hunting, hold your head up with pride, you're probably one of the better paid in your industry.

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